Fishy Politics Played in Gaza

fish-gaz13-10oct05In Gaza, people are suddenly excited because of the availability of a special fish which they have not gotten to eat in a long time. The locals were quoted saying that when you eat that particular fish, it feels really rich. The locals love it on the grill with a lot of spices and it is also loved because it has fewer bones than others. There was a strict restriction imposed on Gaza’s coastline which made it inaccessible for the fish lover’s palette. Israel had restricted the fishing to three nautical miles thereby limiting the supply of fish and also a steep increase their prices.

The ceasefire that took place last week was welcomed by everyone with celebrations and festivities, as they could all buy the plenty of fish that would be available. Even though local residents are calm now, they do not have a lot of hope in the war and violence ending soon. They are deeply frustrated in how politics and war affect even the most mundane part of their lives. All they want is a solution and relief from this political instability.

Kenya‘s new President

President-Uhuru-KenyattaTuesday saw Kenya getting a new leader in the name of Uhuru Kenyatta. He is the fourth and the youngest president of the country. His father was the first president of Kenya and he proudly follows his father’s legacy. Many comparisons are made between this as that of the Kennedy’s in the United States. This election was extremely critical for the Nation’s democracy because last election was held amidst a lot of struggle and bloodshed. However, this time things were taken care by the court. Kenyatta has also promised his cooperation with the court ensuring that things do not get out of hand.

The white house has also send in their congratulations to Kenyatta or his big victory.