Trouble in Mali

maliMali has been a peaceful land and has been extremely welcoming to foreigners. People are known for their helpful nature and are quite friendly and expressive. However there has been a drastic change in the scenario now , as there has been an arise of tension. Even the locals feel the tremor in existence and even though they go about doing their normal chores, their spirit is shaken and they feel helpless and displaced. The social workers from the area suggest how the children are finding extreme difficulty in coping up. They also mention a scenario where the children have witnessed the death of their parents right in front of them, leaving them shattered. Data reveal that around 1 million people have been displaced due to fighting.

rebelles-mujao-mnla-mouvement-national-liberation-azawad-base-kidalMany claim it to be the worst sort of bloodshed which ever occurred in the history of the country. Some also denote that the nature the war can also turn to sporadic as some communities treat themselves to be superior to others, which again results in vengeance and bloodshed. People are also worried over the outbreak of ethnic violence.

The involvement of Libyan Army should also be considered in this scenario. The Army trained and gave the northern Malians a lot of exposure , so apparently when the they returned to their native country when it fell apart, these people from Mali returned to the their home land with enormous quantities of guns and other advanced and high quality war machinery. Even though a lot of criticism has been poured in describing the insensitiveness in Mali, still everyone has a lot of fondness for the scenic and beautiful country.

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