Know Your “Root”

holidays-multiple-443The famous Jewish holiday, Passover is coming up and horseradish is in demand like no other. It is the key ingredient for the seder meal which is an extremely important part of the festival. Unlike other herbs; it is a gross looking root which is bitter and hot to the core. It is used in the meal symbolizing the struggle that the people of Israel were subjected to under the Egyptian Pharaoh’s. Some people prefer making the recipe at home even though it’s readily available in the market.

The sales statistics suggest that there is a great increase in sales during this season and the sales is quite limited all around the year otherwise. Philip Schmitt, who owns Schmitt family farm in New York describes the root as ugly and wild. He also says that the process of making the garnish can be obnoxious too, with your nasal passages getting flared up from the fumes, causing your eyes to tear up. However he also shares a tip, which is to mix the root shreds with red beetroots. They also have their homemade horseradish up for sale in the farm stands.

Tales of Beer Brewing

two-talesThere are two states in the United states of America that restrict the residents to brew their own beer in their own personal spaces in spite of the fact that it has been made legal since the year 1979, the respective states are Mississippi and Alabama. This is mostly due to the interference of religion and morality arguments. However a case has been taken up and the hearing is to be scheduled soon. This might be the first time in the history of the state that such a case appears in Alabama state legislature. There has been many incidents when the residents were detained from establishing their own home breweries in spite of their right to do so.

People have started looking at it, not merely as an issue concerning beer but that concerns civil liberties. They also argue that if it is possible to do it commercially then what is the hindrance in doing it in one’s own kitchen. Alabama Citizens Action Program or ALCAP leads the opposition against the passing of the bill. The leader, named Joe Godfrey suggests that passing of the bill is threatening and would be entirely responsible for alcoholism in the state. He says, it starts rom home brewing and tasting. In spite of the controversy the hobbyists are still optimistic about their bill getting passed, however the rest would have to wait till the jury gets back after their break.